Recensione di CheRoba in due su AZIONE

Grazie a Alessandro Zanoli per le belle parole! Here the album review by Alessandro Zanoli written for AZIONE:

Among Swiss musicians, Marco Santilli is in a class of his own, holding the record for the manifold forms of his musical ideas. His clarinet, his unstoppable inventiveness, but above all his creative passion, drive him to challenge himself in several styles and genres of music. From pop songs to classical music, from modern folk to jazz, his approach is always bursting with well-modulated enthusiasm, as well as being coloured by his own, very personal and appealing sense of humour.“CheRoba” (Italian for wow) is the amusing title of one of his musical projects using various configurations, ranging from a jazzy quartet to a larger ensemble “Il fiato delle Alpi” (the breath of the alps) and as a duo. Working with the pianist Ivan Tibolla, “CheRoba” in this iteration is transformed into an opportunity to give breath (pun intended) to a highly original, sophisticated duo. This music can’t really be thought of as jazz, at least in the mainstream sense. Yet the intensely vivid sound of this album is not in doubt. “Melancholy but not sad” is how Santilli has described the style of “CheRoba”. Perhaps it’s appropriate at the moment.

Azione, 25.05.2021, N. 21, p. 35

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