This musical journey began in the summer of 2023 when they embarked on the creation of the ‘Repetita iuvant’ suite, commissioned by the prestigious Vincenzo Vela Museum.

The suite, consisting of five movements, serves as a heartfelt tribute to the profound connection between music and art, transcending the need for words. Noteworthy pieces such as ‘Loquor ergo sum’ and ‘Horror vacui’ act as poignant counterpoints, weaving a narrative of expressive beauty. The musical notes within this composition are dedicated to the art of synthesis and the essential silence that fuels contemplation. Marco and Peo explore the synergy of written notes and improvisation, presenting a repertoire that showcases the dynamic interplay between their instruments.

Experience the unique magic of the clarinet-guitar duo, a transparent and essential formation boasting a high ‘dynamic range.’ Join us as we present moments of musical brilliance, where every note resonates with emotion and creativity.”