Clarinetto d’improvviso

Ascoltare, contemplare, meditare, decantare, ritrovarsi, soffermarsi, trattenersi, indugiare, rimanere…

“Solo improvisation is like thinking aloud. And being with one’s thoughts is tied to loneliness. Moreover, the relationship with oneself is the most important … As an only child, as a kid I liked to play alone … A characteristic which I believe has still remained. ” 

“It makes sounds come out of nowhere, carefree but with evocative power. She laughs and cries, is sometimes cheeky and shrill, then again gentle, enticing or mournful. No other wind instrument is able like the clarinet to voice a note quietly, make it to swell, decrease, and fade away. Hence its priceless ability to produce a distant sound, the echo of an echo, a sound like twilight. It is the voice of heroic love.” Hector Berlioz