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Would you like to support my ensemble CheRoba & il Fiato delle Alpi with a donation?

With your grant you help us to achieve a high quality recording of our new album “Sujazzstiva” which takes place in spring 2021.

For a contribution of CHF 200 or more, you can be acknowledged as such on this website if you wish.

Thank you for your donation to:
Marco Santilli, Mettmenhasli, 8155 Niederhasli
Amici di CheRoba & il Fiato delle Alpi
Raiffeisen Schweiz Genossenschaft, Raiffeisenplatz, 9001 St. Gallen

IBAN: CH22 8080 8009 5567 4972 0

A contribution has been received from:
Renate & Tancredi Tommasina
Lucia & Stefano Malpangotti
Isabella & Dario Zanni-Fajetti
Lorenzo Ambrosini
Nicola Pedrozzi
Thank you so much for your kind support.