Marco Santilli e Peo Alfonsi

The collaboration with Peo Alfonsi commenced in the summer of 2023, sparked by the creation of the ‘Repetita Iuvant’ Suite, a commissioned work by the Vincenzo Vela Museum.

Comprising five movements, the suite serves as a lyrical homage to the realms of music and art, transcending the need for verbal expression. Notable among these movements are ‘Loquor Ergo Sum’ and ‘Horror Vacui,’ which skillfully act as counterpoints to the others. The notes within this composition are a dedication to the art of synthesis and the profound silence essential for contemplation. Beyond these, the repertoire expands to encompass additional original compositions, seamlessly weaving written notes with moments of improvisation.

The clarinet-guitar duo, a formation characterized by its transparency and essentiality, offers a remarkable ‘dynamic range.’