Marco Santilli’s CheRoba & il Fiato delle Alpi

CheRoba & il Fiato delle Alpi

«If the impression of the Swiss is still unconsciously shaped by Harry Lime, here’s the perfect antidote. There are the torsos of folk themes, a few apparent echoes of American minimalist procedures, some classical forms and shapes, but it’s mostly beyond category. File under “jazz”, “world”, “Euro” or what you will, but do find a place for these on your 2018 shelf.” (Brian Morton, Jazz Journal UK, Feb. 2018)


Marco Santilli cl, bcl, comp
Lorenzo Frizzera class-g, ac-g, 12-strings-g
Ivan Tibolla p, acc, fl, gl
Fulvio Maras perc

& il Fiato delle Alpi

Isabell Weymann fl, afl, picc
Davide Jäger eh, ob
Tomas Gallart hn
Alessandro Damele bn
Filipa Nunes cbcl, cl

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Internationales Musikfestival Alpentöne, Moods Zürich, Teatro Sociale Bellinzona, Label Suisse-RSR Lausanne, Kulturkarussell Rössli Stäfa, Leventina Turismo, Kulturkeller La Marotte, Jazz Club Chorus, Festival Airolo in transizione, Dazio Grande, Stanser Musiktage, Jazzmusik in Sarnen, Settembre musicale Riva S. Vitale. Im 2018 folgen Stubete am See Zürich, Theater Uri Altdorf, Zwicky Fabrik/Kulturkommission Fällanden, Kulturkreis Zollikon, Kunstgesellschaft Davos

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