Hot today on mx3: Caffè sospeso from the album “Godiva soleva”, together with Paolo Alderighi. Enjoy this coffee, important that it is a moka! 
In primo piano su mx3: Caffè sospeso dall’album “Godiva soleva” con Paolo Alderighi. Gustatevi questo caffè, importante che sia un moca!

Occasionally I have the opportunity to pay tribute to my childhood idols. Benny Goodman, Artie Shaw, Barney Bigard, Jimmie Noone … are my musical “grandparents”. Thanks to them, I have chosen this versatile instrument. Performing their music with a Big Band is always a priceless gift, it means remembering where you come from. Listen to “Sing, Sing, Sing” (Louis Prima) with the Karaganda Big Band, Kazakhstan. 

Occasionalmente ho la possibilità di rendere tributo ai miei idoli di infanzia. Benny Goodman, Artie Shaw, Barney Bigard, Jimmie Noone… sono i miei “nonni” musicali. Grazie a loro, la fortuna di avere scelto questo versatile instrumento. Eseguire la loro musica con una Big Band è sempre un regalo impagabile, è ricordarsi da dove si viene. Eccomi qui in “Sing, Sing, Sing” (Louis Prima) con la Karaganda Big Band, Kazakistan.

È appena uscito un articolo sulla Swiss Clarinet Orchestra nella rivista The Clarinet dell’International Clarinet Association.

Un article sur la Swiss Clarinet Orchestra vient d’être publié dans le magazine The Clarinet de l’International Clarinet Association.

Hier ein Artikel über die Swiss Clarinet Orchestra, der in der März-Ausgabe 2020 der Zeitschrift „The Clarinet“ (International Clarinet Association) erschienen ist.

After a good two months retreat to compose nine pieces for my nonet and feeling as if I was turning a corner after some difficult period (it’s hard if I cannot actively play music), I found the rug pulled from under my feet when I heard that our CD recording had to be cancelled.

As a freelance musician, my work is piecemeal and precarious. I don’t have a fixed income and my earnings fluctuate month to month. The financial impact of Covid-19 is severe for us musicians and it goes beyond the loss of wages – it also affects our visibility. Projects such as mine have been in the pipeline for many months and are suddenly put on hold or are no longer possible. The situation is difficult for all of us.

Luckily my album recording is being supported by the Swiss Radio SRF2 and we are going to get another slot at the Hardstudios in Winterthur once this Coronavirus nightmare comes to an end. My special thanks go to Peter Bürli SRF and Moritz Wetter Hardstudios.

Welcome to the first rehearsal of Sujazzstiva

Importante aggiungere sempre nuovi colori alla tavolozza sonora del nonetto!
It is important to always add new colors to the nonet’s sound palette!

Marco Santilli CheRoba & il Fiato delle Alpi 
The Line-up:
Isabell Weymann (flutes)
Azra Ramic (contrabass clarinet, voice)
Alessandro Damele (bassoon)
Davide Jäger (english horn/oboe)
François Rieu (french horn)
Ivan Tibolla (piano, glockenspiel)
Lorenzo Frizzera (guitars)
Fulvio Maras (percussion)
Marco Santilli (clarinets, compositions)

Ed ecco terminate le composizioni per il secondo album di CheRoba & il Fiato delle Alpi, che registreremo in coproduzione con SRF2 presso gli Hardstudios di Winterthur. Aggiornamenti a breve!

And here are the compositions for the second album by CheRoba & il Fiato delle Alpi, which we will record in co-production with SRF2 at the Hardstudios in Winterthur. Stay tuned!