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Explore the captivating interview with Marco Santilli (available in Italian language only), where he delves into his strong ties with the Leventina region and the inspiration drawn from Swiss fairy tales. Uncover the musical odyssey that led him from childhood melodies to creating unique compositions, and his commitment to authenticity in the realm of art. Download the pdf version of the article, Anno 48-Nr. 453, January 2024.

Here a brief English summary

Marco Santilli, despite residing abroad for 36 years, maintains a strong connection with the Leventina region, regularly returning to his roots. He reminisces about his upbringing in Giornico, a unique village where each area holds memories close to his heart. Marco reflects on his move to Zurich after attending the School of Commerce in Bellinzona, emphasizing the city’s central location and diverse musical opportunities.

His musical journey began in early childhood, starting with popular songs and later exploring instruments like the recorder and the clarinet. Influenced by jazz clarinetist Benny Goodman, Marco embraced the path of music and improvisation. In his artistic endeavors, Marco aims to offer audiences something captivating and unique, focusing on original compositions and unconventional arrangements.

Recently, Marco delved into Swiss Italian fairy tales, incorporating them into his compositions for the nonet ensemble. He also finds inspiration in the rich narratives of Val Leventina, resulting in the creation of the concept album “Sujazzstiva”.

Addressing the notion of fame, Marco expresses no fear, as his niche projects prioritize artistic satisfaction over commercial success. He emphasizes the importance of staying true to his artistic vision and resisting mainstream influences.

Looking ahead, Marco shares plans for upcoming concerts, albums, and projects, including solo performances, new collaborations and the production of new albums. He concludes by expressing the need for continual self-improvement and learning in the ever-evolving world of music.

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