The return of CheRoba & il Fiato delle Alpi

Welcome to the first rehearsal of Sujazzstiva

Importante aggiungere sempre nuovi colori alla tavolozza sonora del nonetto!
It is important to always add new colors to the nonet’s sound palette!

Marco Santilli CheRoba & il Fiato delle Alpi 
The Line-up:
Isabell Weymann (flutes)
Azra Ramic (contrabass clarinet, voice)
Alessandro Damele (bassoon)
Davide Jäger (english horn/oboe)
François Rieu (french horn)
Ivan Tibolla (piano, glockenspiel)
Lorenzo Frizzera (guitars)
Fulvio Maras (percussion)
Marco Santilli (clarinets, compositions)

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