The Sujazzstiva CD has arrived!

The album is digitally available worldwide since January this year – but holding the physical product in my hands is even more exciting!

It goes without saying that the sound quality is fantastic – thanks to the professional work of Moritz Wetter at the Hardstudios Winterthur. Markus Heuer’s photography showing the suggestive gaze of an owl is captivating. Its large round eyes reveal a sense of wisdom and mystery. The owl fixes its gaze on you exuding an aura of profound concentration, as if it’s seeing beyond the surface into the very essence of you. Follow this penetrating gaze it is a unique connection to the nocturnal world the owls inhabit: S U J A Z Z S T I V A

Together with the CD you’ll find the album booklet – it is a companion to make you better connect to the music. Sujazzstiva draws inspiration from captivating legends of the Canton Ticino. Stories like “Curéija du drèisc” (The Dragon of Lago Retico) tell of a fearsome dragon and the miraculous intervention of saints. “Cose svizzere notturne segrete” (The Hunchbacks of Piumogna) narrates the tale of dwarves and the transformation of hunchbacks. Other fascinating legends, like “Ave Maria” (Madonna della Neve) and “Viaggio al sabba” (Three hours to go, three hours there, three hours back), add depth and intrigue to the musical journey. Each piece weaves the essence of these timeless stories into a mesmerizing musical experience.

Curious to read and hear more? Send me a message to order the CD at the price of CHF 25 (posting charges within Switzerland included).

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