Belli da 15 anni in zona (4)

Belli in zona con Marco Santilli & Giordano Muto


(1st movement of the Vortex-Suite)

In un mondo futuristico gli uomini dovranno assomigliare ai robot, efficaci, affidabili e privi di sentimenti. La società ci domanderà di seguire il flusso naturale dell‘evoluzione, una vita ad alta velocità. Il progresso della medicina permetterà all’uomo una migliore gestione dello stress. Si potrà scoppiare senza rendersene conto.

In a future world, human beings are bound to resemble robots: efficient, reliable and cold hearted. Society pushes us to follow the natural flux of evolution, a speedy life. The medical progress will allow a better management of stress. You therefore might burst without even knowing it.

„Amidst the constant barrage of sound, information, images, etc., in our 21st Century, it is unbelievably refreshing to come across something different, a “ray of light” through the murk. This CD by Giordano Muto and Marco Santilli is one of the most beautiful examples of pure music I‘ve heard in a long time – uncategorizable in the best sense! Listening to them, I hear melodies, mysteries, great improvisation, astounding interplay, and a soundtrack to a Fellini film that he forgot to make! In short, I loved it, and I can‘t wait for the follow-up (I hope they ask me to join them for a tune or two)! Enjoy!“ Ken Peplowski, NYC, September 2006

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